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Regardless of size, the biggest problem faced by organizations is not technical, but people. As a solution provider, figuring out those people problems is critical to success. At Help-Now our people are certified, and understand business. We know that at the end of the day our technology is there to help your business grow and succeed. We consult, design, and implement your solution with that in mind. We care about your business and its goals, which is why we provide IT consulting in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

Below are just a few areas we actively provide consulting services to our clients:

Anti-Virus, Spyware & Spam

Your network is safe, isn’t it?

You might think you’re being safe, but with a newly infected webpage discovered every few seconds, it’s next to impossible to stay up to date on infected sites—no matter how educated or aware of the risks you are. To start this assessment, ask yourself some questions. Do you and your users practice safe web browsing? Do you limit time spent online during work hours? Do you have the experience to know a risky site when you see one? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you need to read the rest of this. Are you suffering from misconceptions about safe web browsing? You are likely suffering from one or more common misconceptions about web security. In the last several years, a lot of misinformation has circulated on both the extent of the risks and what it takes to protect yourself. Some might just eliminate internet access altogether, but cutting yourself off from the Web 2.0 world just isn’t practical because it has become a mission critical tool in today’s business.

A suitable web security solution provides the freedom to grant access to sites that your users need while keeping your organization secure and your business running efficiently.
Our Guardian Suite of Managed Services are the starting point to a well rounded Business Technology Integration Platform:

Business Continuity Planning

What happens if a man made or natural disaster hits your business? Do your doors close? Plan for these types of incidents by have the proper backup, voice, and continuity plans in place and tested. This gives you the surety that your business can navigate anything that is thrown at it.

Disaster recovery (DR) is increasingly becoming a critical mandate for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The cost of downtime — and lost data can be a major caveat for any size organization. And it doesn’t take a cataclysmic event to cause major disruption to a small business: the untimely loss of a critical file, server or application, even just for a few hours, can be extremely costly. And yet, despite the costs and risks of operating without a disaster recovery strategy, many small businesses are not prepared to cope with the stresses of a disruptive outage, let alone a full-fledged disaster. more than one-half of SMBs based in North America do not have a disaster recovery plan in place. Unfortunately, roughly one-quarter of the SMBs responding to the survey have suffered a significant outage in their IT infrastructures during the past three years. You need a partner that understands that unfortunate things sometimes happen to good people. Our plans are designed to keep your business up in situations when others would be down. We address your data, your phones, and your servers. You can feel confident that when you work with Help-Now you are working with seasoned professionals that put your business first. This give you the peace of mind to concentrate on what is important to your team. Your Business!

Disaster Recovery

As IT systems have become increasingly critical to the smooth operation of a company, and arguably the economy as a whole, the importance of ensuring the continued operation of those systems, or the rapid recovery of the systems, has increased.

It is estimated that most large companies spend between 2% and 4% of their IT budget on disaster recovery planning, with the aim of avoiding larger losses in the event that the business cannot continue to function due to loss of IT infrastructure and data. Of companies that had a major loss of business data, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years, and only 6% will survive long-term.

As a result, preparation for continuation or recovery of systems needs to be taken very seriously. This involves a significant investment of time and money with the aim of ensuring minimal losses in the event of a disruptive event.

Control measures are steps or mechanisms that can reduce or eliminate various threats for organizations. Different types of measures can be included in BCP/DRP. Disaster recovery planning is a subset of a larger process known as business continuity planning and should include planning for resumption of applications, data, hardware, communications (such as networking) and other IT infrastructure. A business continuity plan (BCP) includes planning for non-IT related aspects such as key personnel, facilities, crisis communication and reputation protection, and should refer to the disaster recovery plan (DRP) for IT related infrastructure recovery / continuity. This article focuses on disaster recovery planning as related to IT infrastructure. Types of measures:

  • Preventive measures – These controls are aimed at preventing an event from occurring.
  • Detective measures – These controls are aimed at detecting or discovering unwanted events.
  • Corrective measures – These controls are aimed at correcting or restoring the system after disaster or event.

These controls should be always documented and tested regularly.

Hosted Applications

Cloud Computing, Virtual Servers, Software As A Service; Help-Now provides a state of the art hosting facility for your business and has the experience to assist your business with these initiatives.

We use, best in class industry standard HP Blade servers. We are proud to offer complete redundancy for your solution.

From power to internet to the hardware itself, we have your back. This type of environment allows us to have your data, applications, and servers available to you and your team 99.99% of the time.

You never have to worry about your information or servers when you Host with us. We take the worry out of technology.

Your data is safe, secure and always available when you use Help-Now as your hosting provider.

Network Design & Management

There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution when it comes to LANs. You require a network that does what your business requires. The right network design and management company will custom design a solution that meets your immediate business requirements and allows for growth. This ensures that your environment can grow as your business grows.

But the plan should not end there. Help-Now takes proactive steps to manage your LAN. This means that you will have far less downtime across you network, and that your network will be monitored at all times. You need to manage that environment to protect your investment in technology. Network management can be incredibly complex, even for seasoned IT professionals. However, with the right management company, you can turn that complexity into simplicity, which offers significant advantages for your firm. As you likely have discovered, network maintenance can be very costly. Your business requires a company that is able to monitor the devices and systems that you want – it shouldn’t be an “all or nothing” type of situation. The right company will offer you the ability to customize every aspect of service, from the design stages to monitoring and management options, as well. They should make sure the solution fits your business. Because after all “It’s about the business not the Technology”

Performance Optimization

Get what you pay for and more. Capitalize on the investments you’ve already made.
When it comes to optimizing your business’ IT infrastructure, you should never settle for a templated approach that promises to do it all. Technology should be designed to meet your organization’s unique requirements and support your business objectives. Too often business and technology are looked at as separate entities. When integrated the two become a powerful results driven force.

Have a solution designed around getting the most out of the IT infrastructure you already have. Taking a pro-active approach towards technology delivers an optimized infrastructure that makes business sense. Our team would be happy to speak with you about:

  • The difference of having a customized platform rooted in performance and cost savings.
  • Options that benefit you: consolidating servers, streamlining management, improving network efficiency, etc.
  • Collaborating with a team that understands business, technology, and how to make the two work together.
Project Management

Our experience and methodologies allow us to offer a fixed price on projects. No surprises. No matter what your project is, new installation, upgrade or expansion, we are able to define, plan, schedule and implement on time and on budget.

Our Project Leads have received certificates from Villanova University in Foundations in Project Management, an in-depth, four-day instruction in the principles of project management as described in PMI’s® revised Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) 3rd Edition. This course teaches the current principles and best practices in project management.

Secure Wireless Access

Security in wireless networking has always been a concern. An unsecured wireless network is an open invitation to hackers to walk right in to your computer and steal your personal information, upload malware onto your computer, and otherwise terrorize you. Whether you are building a complete wireless network, or adding wireless to an existing wired network, wireless brings with it special challenges. Well-publicized stories about “war driving” and other techniques through which hackers can easily infiltrate a wireless network have raised awareness of the problem–and the need for a solution. With traditional wired networks, it is extremely difficult for someone to steal your bandwidth but the big problem with wireless signals is that others can access the Internet using your broadband connection even while they are in a neighboring building or sitting in a car that’s parked outside your apartment. This practice, also known as piggybacking, is bad for three reasons:

  • It will increase your monthly Internet bill especially when you have to pay per byte of data transfer.
  • It will decrease your Internet access speed since you are now sharing the same internet connection with other users.
  • It can create a security hazard as others may hack your computers and access your personal files through your own wireless network.

This is just one way that an unsecured device does not make business sense. Really all you are looking for is a secure way to share your network, or facilitate a productive environment for your employees, partners and visitors with internet access and protect your valuable corporate data. Help-Now securely delivers solutions whether wireless or wired access is required in your business; We have the experience, knowledge and resources to make your wireless a benefit to your business not a burden. We address your technology so that you can address your business.

Security & Protection

Is your data really safe and secure? Can your team get to the data they need and not access the data they should not? Help-now takes the time to understand what you need then delivers it. We make sure your data is safe and secure.

Businesses need to protect their environment and be able to respond to threats rapidly should a breach happen. Staying ahead of the threats requires visibility into the system to manage the environment properly and ultimately protect against threats. Help-Now’s innovative and proactive technologies allow organizations to stay a step ahead of the explosion of malicious applications. We believe that businesses should revitalize their strategies and adopt a well-rounded approach to data protection that takes into account your business. Simply put we protect your data so that you can rest easy knowing that your business’ data is safe.

Staff Augmentation

Our certified professionals can supplement your team on an as needed basis. Grow your staff on demand with tenured, skilled and certified members.

IT is such a fundamental part of the day-to-day business operation and an organizations cost base, improvements in workflow, process or costs can deliver significant competitive advantage for your business. By contracting services from an experienced provider, you are able to secure access to a specialist with the ability to instantly innovate. This will save you time and money. Technology changes and evolves constantly. Leveraging an outsourcing partner with the skilled, expert resources means that you can access them when your business needs them most. Help-Now’s teams bring a wealth of practical implementation knowledge and experience. We have the ability to instantly assist in a cost effective manner that protects your business.

Strategic Planning & Technology Roadmaps

Leverage your technology so it integrates seamlessly with your business operations, reducing manual labor and mistakes.

Planning is important for many reasons. Companies are facing many competitive problems. Technology road mapping, a form of technology planning, can help deal with this increasingly competitive environment. The main benefit of technology road mapping is that it provides information to make better technology investment decisions by identifying critical technologies and technology gaps and identifying ways to correct them. Technology road mapping is critical when the technology investment decision is not straight forward. This occurs when it is not clear which alternative to pursue, how quickly the technology is needed, or when there is a need to coordinate the development of multiple technologies. As you can imagine it takes a seasoned consulting company to deliver this. That’s why you need Help-Now. We have the tenure. We have the business acumen and quite frankly we care about your business. Your success is our success!

Technology Environment Assessments

Do you know exactly what is running in your environment? What should your next upgrade be? How many licenses do you need? Help-Now can document your environment and make best practice recommendations so that your business can plan their technology.

Technology is an essential part of everyday business. However, the complexities, skills and management disciplines required to design deploy and manage a modern, secure and extensible IT infrastructure are becoming ever more specialized. One of the greatest problems is believe it or not just finding out exactly what you have and what you are using. How much bandwidth do you need? Exactly how many software licenses do you use? Do you really know how many workstations, laptops, servers, and printers you have? You are backing up right? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Help-Now takes the time to find out exactly what you have, how you are presently using it, and suggests ways that you can use it better to serve your business. We analyze your environment from top to bottom. We ask questions about your business. We check and catalog your entire technology environment, then we document it all and deliver you a full assessment of where you’re at and where your current technology can take you. Isn’t it time to get a handle on your technology?

Updates & Migrations

Help-Now is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider. We know upgrades make sure your servers are migrated right and once. Help-now’s certified team ensures that your environment is migrated with little to no disruption to your business environment.

Technology changes and evolves constantly. Upgrades and migrations are a fact of life. At Help-Now we are different. Being business improvement led, we always ask what are the benefits? What does your organization need and what is the impact it has on your existing infrastructure? And what are the consequences if you delay or skip an upgrade? All these questions must be answered before you can make an informed decision. Help-Now offers key skills to support and help you make the correct decision for your business To find the right upgrade strategy for your organization, it is important to first determine the reasons, whether or not to upgrade, and what are the underlying needs of your business.

At Help-Now we put the business first not the technology.

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