Guardian Mail

Guardian Mail offers industry-leading spam and virus filtering accuracy that requires absolutely no maintenance, and is completely compatible with all email programs.

Does your existing service company provide you with the resources you need to effectively manage Spam and reduce the risks of viruses spread via email? Maybe it is because they profit from every service call related to these issues. Maybe it is time to give us a call!

  • Guardian Mail solution is software and hardware free – it’s a subscription service – activation involves one simple step, and filtering can begin within minutes after enrollment.
  • There is nothing to install, license, or maintain. Since there is no risk – no software to load, no equipment to configure — there are no up front, ongoing, or unplanned IT expenses.
  • Pricing is based simply on the number of users, with an average cost of about seven cents per person per day – a cost that includes spam ltering, protection against viruses, and backup mail service.
  • In the event that your mail server is temporarily down or inaccessible, Guardian Mail acts as a message queue.
    • No messages are lost, and people who send email to your organization do not receive error messages.
    • The emails are simply stored and delivered once your mail server is back online.
    • Using a timing algorithm to deliver queued messages Guardian Mail ensures that your mailbox won’t get overwhelmed with a sudden barrage of queued messages once you’re is back up and running.
  • Guardian Mail can provide on-demand, full-fledged backup mail services. Through a webmail interface, you can rapidly regain full inbound and outbound email communications, without the need to invest in hardware or software and with little or no prior planning.
  • Spam Filtering & Virus Protection
  • Free Backup Mail Service
  • Compatible with All Email Programs
  • Activation in 1 Simple Step
  • Software and Hardware free!
  • Nothing to Install, License, or Maintain
  • No Up Front or Unplanned Costs
  • Average Cost is $.07 – per day per user
  • Daily Digest Reports
  • Continuity Benefits
Guardian Mail

Guardian Mail

Guardian Mail is included in several of the Guardian Network, Guardian Server, and Guardian Workstation plans

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