Guardian Web

Distractions consume as much as 28% of the average U.S. workers day according to Basex, a business research company in New York City. The internet is one of the easiest distractions, shopping, personal email, instant messaging and surfing are all distractions.

The Guardian Web Internet Monitoring logs internet browser activity so you can see what your traffic patterns are, who visited what internet site and when. It identifies the computer IP address, PC Name, the user logged into the PC at the time and for how long.

Web traffic redirected to Help-Now’s Web proxy Servers is filtered according to your organization’s policies that block access to inappropriate Web sites and safely stop threats before they reach your computers or network. When traffic is received by Guardian Web, filtering policies are applied and spyware payloads are blocked as they try to “phone home.” Web traffic is scanned for malicious code – including spyware, viruses, and Trojans – and is removed if necessary.

  • Browser activity logging, per user, where they visited, when and for how long
  • Identifies client IP address, the PC Name, Logon name and Full Name
  • Internet/Network security and activity monitor of IP traffic content
  • Anti Virus & Spyware Protection Included
  • Blocking and Alerting options
  • Monitor use of company resources for appropriate business use
  • Inappropriate behavior can be identified and stopped before it becomes a company problem – offensive behavior includes display of images of a sensitive, obscene or inappropriate nature on a workstation screen
  • Ensure your employees are working when they should be
  • What sites were visited per user
  • Which users visited any particular site
  • What sites were visited by any particular workstation
  • Which pages users viewed
  • How long they were looking at each page
Guardian Web is included in several of the Guardian Network, Guardian Server, and Guardian Workstation plans

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