DataNow, can get you up and running in as little as 20 minutes. With this continuity plan in place, if you report a crash, our disaster contingency plan is triggered.

What is Business Continuity Planning?

Here is how it works:

  • Two Remote Backup Sites – 3,000 miles apart in addition to your on-site DataNow backup Server
  • Fully Encrypted Data Vaulting – exceeds HIPPA requirements
  • Bare Metal Recovery – enables compatibility between all systems eliminating days of recovery time
  • DataNow Server – backs up any updated data every 15 minutes and also serves as contingency server in case of a crash
  • Virtual Server Restoration – allows you to run your entire operation from our backup server in case of a crash
Prior to Crash

  • DataNow backup Server is installed on-site, replacing backup hardware, software, and any manual back ups
  • Automated backup snapshots are taken every 15 minutes, updating your entire data center
  • Provide a single source for all technology needs
  • Back up snap shots are encrypted and further backed up to 2 off site locations

Server Crash

  • The DataNow Server becomes your virtual server, allowing you to resume “work as usual” (in as little as 45 minutes)
  • Your dedicated 3 person Help Now team begin to assess and resolve situational issues.
  • After a thorough assessment we begin the necessary steps to restore your software, files, applications, email, etc.
  • Replaces Expensive Backup Hardware & Software
  • FREE SQL and Exchange Agents
  • Restore Your Server in as little as 45 Minutes
  • Automatic Off-Site Data Encryption Vaulting
  • Exceeds HIPPA Regulations
  • Bare Metal Recovery – eliminates system incompatibilities
  • Two Secure Off site Back Up Locations
  • Backup “Snapshots” Taken Every 15 Minutes
  • Becomes Your Virtual Contingency Server
  • Technology Continuity & Disaster Recover
  • Local Backups occur as often as every 15 minutes, minimizing data loss.
  • Data is backed up offsite daily.
  • Eliminate the need for old, slow tape devices and media.
  • Low cost, 100% monitored & managed solution.
  • Our product functions as a standby server. When your server fails, we can have you operational in as little as 15 minutes.
  • If a disaster occurs, we can have a new device with a copy of your most recent offsite backup functioning as your server in as little as 48 hours.

Help-Now DataNow

Help-Now DataNow

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