Why Help-Now?

Since 1999 our focus has been on our client’s business objectives, assisting them in obtaining technology and delivering cost-effective solutions. We understand one size does not fit all. We consult with every client to understand their individual business objectives and work with you by implementing a plan to achieve your goals. We are able to accomplish this by intentionally not selling any hardware or software, we have no biases, only our clients business objectives as priorities.

1. We’re Easy to Work With

  • Our techs become your virtual IT department and support team.
  • We work with you to help streamline your business and technology initiatives.
  • You’ll speak to the same techs and consultants every time.
  • Become comfortable with our entire team, whether on site or on the phone.

2. We Know Your Business

You’ll notice our culture is different – we’re focused on:

  • Understanding your unique business objectives
  • Simplifying your daily business processes through technology
  • Offering you custom services and pricing so you control your budget

3. We Want to Help You Grow

  • We’ve learned over the years from our hundreds of customers that technology done right can give businesses a competitive edge.
  • Benefit from our breadth of experience and know-how.
  • Through technology, the right consulting and great support, we will help you grow!


  • Since hiring Help-Now to run the IT for my company, I have not missed a night’s sleep worrying about our computer systems and what could ...

    Maria P, Practice Administrator of Health Care Group