Windows Phones (7.8 and 8) both Wi-Fi vulnerable and cannot be patched!

August 24, 2013  |   blog

Microsoft released a security bulletin on how its Wireless Authentication method could allow information disclosure. Their fix for this also leaves a bad taste in the mouth, essential require every wireless access point to issue a certificate before you can use it. Essentially, connecting to any wireless device you can find is bad security, but how do you know you’re connecting to even a valid wireless device? If you end up on a system that’s been designed to grab what data you send, even if encrypted, this exploit will be able to strip your domain credentials out of the wireless transmissions sent. You’re giving whoever cares to listen access to your accounts on the network.

Do you have a Windows 8 phone, do you need assistance making sure this isn’t hurting your network? Ask us for help!


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